Billboard Snaps Privacy Policy

The customer should hereby agree to the fact that they have clearly understood the stated PRIVACY POLICIES at the website. It is also understood by both the parties that the customer completely consents to the fact that the PRIVACY POLICIES at Billboard Snaps are acceptable to them.

The Limited User Policy

The customer or the user at Billboard Snaps clearly agrees to undertake so as to not reverse the engineer, copy, modify, distribute, display, transmit, perform, publish, reproduce, to create derivative products from, transfer, selling of information of any sorts or the software that has been obtained from the website. However, limited copying and reproduction of the content provided at the Billboard Snaps App are permitted with a condition that the ‘Billboard Snaps’ brand name is clearly stated wherever required as a source with permission retrieved from the Billboard Snaps. It is also clearly maintained from the website that any form of unlimited or wholesale reproduction or duplication/copying of any product or content in any form for either the commercial or non-commercial functions, un-warranted modification of data of any sorts and information which lies within the ‘content boundaries’ of the website is not allowed or permitted.

The Intellectual Property

It has been clearly stated and maintained that all the suppliers and licensors at Billboard Snaps have the right to reserve the intellectual property rights included in programs, text, products, technology, processes and other material sources that occur in the site. All accesses to the site does confirm or be considered as a form of confirmation to the fact that any license under the brand’s website or any third party website’s intellectual property rights. All the rights of the website inclusive of the copyrights of this website are owned entirely by Billboard Snaps only. It is considered a legal offense to store, use the website content, which includes either copying it or storing it in any form, either a part of it or the entire content, aside from the customer’s own personal use. It is strictly not allowed to distribute, modify, or reproduce the content of the website for any other purposes.
We at Billboard Snaps do not claim any ownership of the content of the third-party websites and likewise do not claim any representations with respect to the content provided or the accuracy offered by such a site. In case a customer decides to associate themselves to any such site, they do so at their own risk entirely.
All the materials which include images, texts, illustrations, designs, photographs, icons, music clips, downloads, video clips, and other written contents belong entirely to the Billboard Snaps website. These are intended entirely for the purpose of personal and non-commercial use only. As a customer or a user, you are entitled to either download or copy the contents and various materials that can be downloaded and are displayed over the website for their personal use. In case of such copying, it has to be beard in mind that no rights, title or interests in any form for any of the downloaded material and software will be transferred to the customer in such a case. The customer is not entitled to reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, display, create derivative works, either sell or participate in the process of selling or exploitation of any form either in part or as a whole o any of the contents of the site or any other related software as such.
It is understood that all the software of the brand is entirely the property of the site alone and the suppliers and are protected by the Indian and International Copyright laws.
It is understood by all the participating parties that the contents of the website or any other related software are to be used entirely for the purpose of shopping only. It is considered a legal offense and a breach of policy, in case there have been found any other use of the resources of the site which includes reproduction, distribution, modification, transmission, republication, display or performances.
The authorities at Billboard Snaps own the right to terminate a user’s use of the website and services if found breaching the boundaries.


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